About Yoga Storytime & Songs

Lizzy Luna began conceptualizing a yoga class especially for children after hosting a “Peace Party” for her son’s birthday, during which she led a yoga session catered to kids. As she and the children made animal, plant, and other object poses (and sounds!), she realized how perfect yoga is for the creative minds of children who are enthralled by pretend play. Flexible, energetic, and imaginative children make excellent young yogis!

Through Yoga Storytime and Songs, appropriate for ages 3 and up, Lizzy Luna peacefully teaches children how to

  • be aware of and control their bodies
  • focus their minds
  • set free their imaginations
  • develop mindfulness
  • and HAVE FUN doing it!


Yoga Storytime and Songs includes

  • warm up and breathing exercises
  • exercises of the five senses
  • practicing left and right directions
  • interactive yoga story time (stories that incorporate yoga poses as characters and objects in the narrative)
  • original Lizzy Luna songs sung with guitar accompaniment, hand motions, and poses
  • a calming cool-down with mindfulness and imagination exercises

Lizzy includes educational components, also offering a variety of session themes, including

  • Nature and the Seasons
  • Over the Moon to Outer Space
  • Wild Animals
  • Especially for Preschool